MASSIF: MAnagement of Security information and events in Service Infrastructures

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“Prevention is ideal, but detection is a must.”

The main objective of MASSIF is to achieve a significant advance in the area of (Security Information and Event Management). On the base of proper multi-level event correlation MASSIF will provide innovation techniques in order to enable the detection of upcoming security threats and trigger remediation actions even before the occurrence of possible security incidences. Thus, MASSIF will develop a new generation SIEM framework for service infrastructures supporting intelligent, scalable, and multi-level/multi-domain security event processing and predictive security monitoring. Such service-level SIEM involves the modelling and formal validation of security, including trusted computing concepts, architecture for dependable and resilient collection of service events, supported by an extremely scalable and high performance event collection and processing framework, in the context of service-level attack models.

Four industrial domains serve as a source for requirements and to validate and demonstrate project results:

  1. Olympic Games IT infrastructure deployed and managed by Atos Origin;
  2. France Telecom scenario on "Mobile phone based money transfer service" facing security events, especially for the "non-IT" and "service" events;
  3. T-Systems South Africa provides managed IT outsource services with a high degree of complexity in setting up SIEM systems for large distributed enterprises;
  4. Epsilon (an SME) will demonstrate the use of the advanced concepts of SIEM in an IT system supporting a critical infrastructure (dam).


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