AQUAMON: Dependable Monitoring with Wireless Sensor Networks in Water Environments

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Continuous monitoring of aquatic environments using water sensors is important for several applications related to the prevention of accidents, to water resources and aquaculture management and recreational activities. Thus, it is fundamental to ensure the quality of the monitoring data in order to avoid false alarms or ignoring relevant events. However, operating these sensors in the water environment presents several challenges with clear consequences on data quality. For instance, sensors are constantly being subjected to factors that directly interfere with data quality, such as potentially strong currents and debris accumulation, and communication with sensors, affected by waves and more interferences. AQUAMON will develop a dependable monitoring platform for application in aquatic environments using wireless sensor networks, addressing some of these challenges. In particular, it will address data communication quality problems over water surfaces, due to waves and propagation characteristics over a water surface, transmission predictability, due to shared medium access contention, and data quality, caused by faults that affect both sensors and communication, creating data errors and data loss.



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