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2016 Ferrolho SecDepVNE NSDIposter +Secure and Dependable Virtual Network Embedding  +
2016 Mantas ConsistentSDN NSDIposter +Consistent and fault-tolerant SDN with unmodified switches  +
2016 NunoFerreira +Preventing DoS attacks in multi-domain optical SDN  +
2016 Ramos PhotonsIPTV IFIPNet +Blending Photons with Electrons to Reduce the Energy Footprint of IPTV Networks  +
2016 TiagoSantos +Deteção e Resposta a Intrusões em Dispositivos Móveis  +
2017 Arjuna +Towards Decentralised Resilient Community Clouds  +
2017 Costa +Chrysaor: Fine-Grained, Fault-Tolerant Cloud-of-Clouds MapReduce  +
2017 DPinto MSc +Network coding data planes with programmable switches  +
2017 FabioPereira +Secure Network Monitoring Using Programmable Data Planes  +
2017 Kreutz +The KISS principle in Software-Defined Networking: a framework for secure communications  +
2017 PCosta TesePhD +Dependable MapReduce in a Cloud-of-Clouds  +
2018 dsn scada +On the Challenges of Building a BFT SCADA,  +
27th-DASC-paper +A Portable ARINC 653 Standard Interface  +


A Tool for Real-Time Assessment of IEEE 802.15.4 Networks Through Fault Injection +A Tool for Real-Time Assessment of IEEE 802.15.4 Networks Through Fault Injection  +
A-adelsbach2001maftia-conceptual-131 +MAFTIA Conceptual Model and Architecture  +
A-adelsbach2003conceptual-model-130 +Conceptual Model and Architecture of MAFTIA  +
A-mostefaoui1999logically-instantaneous-24 +Logically Instantaneous Communication on Top of Distributed Memory Parallel Machines  +
A-mostefaoui2000the-logically-15 +The Logically Instantaneous Communication Mode: a Communication Abstraction  +
AGUEREIRO-2014-SENSORNETS +Improving NS-2 Network Simulator To Evaluate IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Networks Under Error Conditions  +
AGuerreio2013-INFORUM +Improving NS-2 Network Simulator for IEEE 802.15.4 Standard Operation  +
AIR +ARINC 653 Interface in RTEMS  +
AIR-II +ARINC 653 In Space RTOS - Industrial Initiative  +
AJECT +Attack Injection on Software Components  +
AQUAMON +Dependable Monitoring with Wireless Sensor Networks in Water Environments  +
Abyss +Sistemas Autonómicos Tolerantes a Falhas Maliciosas  +
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