“Relative delay estimator for SCTP-based concurrent multipath transfer”

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Fei Song, Hongke Zhang, Sidong Zhang, Fernando Ramos, Jon Crowcroft

in Proceedings of the Global Telecommunications Conference (GLOBECOM), 2010.

Abstract: By identifying the shortcomings of using RTT to evaluate the quality of different paths in a multipath scenario, we propose a Relative Delay Estimator (RDE) to compare the relative one way delay of different paths without clock synchronisation. This estimator enables the comparison and selection of the best forward and backward paths, in terms of delay. As an initial application of RDE, we design a novel retransmission policy (NcRDE). The main novelty of this policy is that, from the multiple paths available, the path chosen for retransmission is according to the value of one way delay. We also present an extension to this scheme that takes path failures into account (PF-NcRDE). Simulation results show that, when compared with recently proposed retransmission policies, NcRDE can improve throughput when the different paths have different forward and backward delays. Also, in case of path failure PF-NcRDE enhances the performance significantly over NcRDE.

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