“Enhancing Information Sharing and Visualization Capabilities in Security Data Analytic Platforms”

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Gustavo Gonzalez-Granadillo, Mario Faiella, Ibéria Medeiros, Rui Azevedo, Susana Gonzalez-Zarzosa

in In Proceedings of the Workshop on Data-Centric on Security and Dependability (DCDS, with DSN 2019), Jun. 2019.

Abstract: Collecting and processing Open Source Intelligence(OSINT) data is becoming a fundamental approach for obtainingcybersecurity threat information and awareness. Different typesof useful information and Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) areobtained from OSINT sources, which keep security analystsupdated about new and possible threats against the IT in-frastructures they protect. However, skimming through variousnews feeds is a time consuming process and a source of allkinds of information (sometimes unuseful and not related tothe monitored infrastructure) for any security analyst. Basedon these shortcomings, we propose a Context-Aware OSINTPlatform as a tool for enhancing visualization and informationsharing capabilities in security data analytic platforms. The toolis not only able to collect OSINT data, but also to process itand filter only the relevant parts, thus enriching the attributesof the detected data, and consequently, decreasing the amount ofinformation and the time required to analyze and act upo

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Project(s): Project:DiSIEM

Research line(s): Fault and Intrusion Tolerance in Open Distributed Systems (FIT)

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