“DepSpace: A Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Coordination Service”

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Alysson Bessani, Eduardo Alchieri, Miguel Correia, Joni Fraga

in Proceedings of the 3rd ACM/SIGOPS/EuroSys European Systems Conference - EuroSys 2008. Glasgow, Scotland, April 2008., Apr. 2008.

Abstract: The tuple space coordination model is one of the most interesting coordination models for open distributed systems due to its space and time decoupling and its synchronization power. Several works have tried to improve the dependability of tuple spaces through the use of replication for fault tolerance and access control for security. However, many practical applications in the Internet require both fault tolerance and security. This paper describes the design and implementation of DepSpace, a Byzantine fault-tolerant coordination service that provides a tuple space abstraction. The service offered by DepSpace is secure, reliable and available as long as less than a third of service replicas are faulty. Moreover, the content-addressable confidentiality scheme developed for DepSpace bridges the gap between Byzantine fault-tolerant replication and confidentiality of replicated data and can be used in other systems that store critical data.

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Project(s): Project:CRUTIAL

Research line(s): Fault And Intrusion Tolerance in Open Distributed Systems (FIT)

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