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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Faculty
  • Post-doc researcher
  • PhD student
  • Hired researcher
  • MSc student
  • Undergraduate
  • Past member
  • External author
  • Management
  • Honorary Member

Pages using the property "Role"

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Alysson Bessani +Faculty  +
Amir Soltani Nezhad +Past member  +
Ana Cotrim +Past member  +
Ana Fidalgo +MSc student  +
Anderson Barretto +Past member  +
André Contente +Past member  +
André Correia +Past member  +
André F. Cruz +Past member  +
André Guerreiro +Past member  +
André Jesus +Past member  +
André Mantas +Past member  +
André Nogueira +Past member  +
António Casimiro +Faculty  +
António Lima +Past member  +


Bruno Gonçalves +Past member  +
Bruno Quaresma +Past member  +
Bruno Vavala +Past member  +
BrunoLourenco +MSc student  +
Bruno Nunes +MSc student  +


Carlos Nascimento +MSc student  +
Carlos Pereira +Past member  +
Catia Alexandra Bimbo Magalhaes +Past member  +
Claudio Martins +MSc student  +
Claudia Carvalho +Past member  +
Cristiano Iria +Past member  +
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