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Fault and Intrusion Tolerance in Open Distributed Systems (FIT) +This line of research investigates models, protocols and architectures, that are suitable for applications with strong dependability requirements, namely applications that need to remain operational despite accidental faults or malicious attacks. One of the main challenges that we are currently addressing is the development of "intrusion-tolerance" mechanisms where, instead of preventing attacks from penetrating the system, we intend to be able to detect and recover from intrusions automatically. The kind of environments that are being contemplated include Internet-based distributed applications with large and heterogeneous populations, mobile networks and computing with small hand-held devices, scalable servers either supporting distributed transactions or parallel processing, and critical infrastructures.


Timeliness and Adaptation in Dependable Systems (TADS) +The objectives of this research line encompass the study of models, algorithms and platforms, which take into account the requirements of several classes of applications, with the aim of ensuring timely and safe operation. One of the major challenges to these objectives consists in assuming that applications, despite these demanding goals, can operate in open and unpredictable environments, like the Internet. The design of dependable and real-time applications is traditionally difficult, if not impossible, in this kind of environments. It is proposed to deal with this question in the context of intermediate or partial synchrony models, and by fitting the model and the resulting architectures with the appropriate paradigms and devices, namely accurate environment monitoring and quality of service (QoS) adaptation.
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