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2016 Mantas ConsistentSDN NSDIposter +Document for Publication-2016 Mantas ConsistentSDN NSDIposter.pdf  +
2016 Ramos PhotonsIPTV IFIPNet +Document for Publication-2016 Ramos PhotonsIPTV IFIPNet.pdf  +
2017 Costa +Document for Publication-2017 Costa.pdf  +
2017 FabioPereira +Document for Publication-2017 FabioPereira.pdf  +
2017 PCosta TesePhD +Document for Publication-2017 PCosta TesePhD.pdf  +
2018 dsn scada +Document for Publication-2018 dsn scada fix.pdf  +


A Tool for Real-Time Assessment of IEEE 802.15.4 Networks Through Fault Injection +Document for Publication-A Tool for Real-Time Assessment of IEEE 802.15.4 Networks Through Fault Injection.pdf  +
AGUEREIRO-2014-SENSORNETS +Document for Publication-AGUEREIRO-2014-SENSORNETS.pdf  +
AGuerreio2013-INFORUM +Document for Publication-AGuerreio2013-INFORUM.pdf  +
Alaluna2015NetVirt +Document for Publication-Alaluna2015NetVirt.pdf  +
Alaluna2017Sirius +Document for Publication-Alaluna2017Sirius.pdf  +
Alcantara2016msc +Document for Publication-Alcantara2016msc.pdf  +
Alchieri2016reconf-smr +Document for Publication-alchieri2016reconf-smr.pdf  +
Almeida2013Inforum +Document for Publication-Almeida2013Inforum.pdf  +
Alves2013 +Alves2013.pdf  +
Alves2015MEng +Document for Publication-Alves2015MEng.pdf  +
Alves:2017-CANFD-ESI-INForum17 +Document for Publication-Alves-2017-CANFD-ESI-INForum17.pdf  +
Alves:2017-CANFD-INForum +Document for Publication-Alves-2017-CANFD-INForum.pdf  +
Amado2018 +Document for Publication-Amado2018.pdf  +
Araujo2012MGC +Document for Publication-Araujo2012MGC.pdf  +
Araujo2014JISA +Document for Publication-Araujo2014JISA.pdf  +
Atc13-durability +Usenix13-dsmr.pdf  +


BFT-TO +Document for Publication-BFT-TO.pdf  +
Bessani10bft hadoop fa +Bessani10bftHadoopFa.pdf  +
Bessani14scfs +Publication-Bessani14scfs.pdf  +
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