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This is the historical archive of Navtalks. For the current schedule, see Navtalks.


Spring 2017

Spring'17 Presentations
When & Where Speaker Title
13/01 12pm
room 6.1.25
José Rufino The (Hidden) Potential of Non-Intrusive Runtime Verification
slides paper
Inês Gouveia Enforcing Safety and Security Through Non-Intrusive Runtime Verification
slides paper
25/01 12pm
room 6.2.46
Altair Santin
(guest speaker)
Pontifícia Universidade
Católica do Paraná
Segurança para ambiente de Smart Grid
(Security for Smart Grid Environments)
João Sousa Practical experiences with a BFT middleware database
08/02 12pm
room 6.3.38
Tiago Oliveira Exploring Key-Value Stores in Multi-Writer Byzantine-Resilient Register Emulations
slides paper
Max Alaluna Sehen: Secure Yet Efficient Virtual Network Embedding in a Multi-Cloud Environment
room 6.3.38
Nuno Neves Intrusion Tolerant Eclipse SCADA
Bruno Vavala Secure Tera-scale Data Crunching with a Small TCB
room 6.3.38
Adriano Serckumecka Collection and monitoring of security events to feed SIEMs
Eric Vial, Max Alaluna , Fernando Ramos Demonstration of Sirius, a Multi-Cloud Network Virtualization Platform
room 6.3.38
Miguel Falé Protecting WAP from infinite recursion
Henrique Mendes Securing DLMS/COSEM implementations for use in the smart grid
room 6.3.38
António Casimiro Enforcing Timeliness and Safety in Mission-Critical Systems
slides paper
Eunice Branco Cyberthreat Discovery in Open Source Intelligence using Deep Learning Techniques
room 6.3.38
Bruno Nunes Live Migration of Networks
Pedro Alves Smarter Routing for a Smarter Grid
room 6.3.38
Rui Miguel P4: Programming Protocol-Independent Packet Processors (Bosshart et al., SIGCOMM'14)
Fabio Pereira Network Monitoring in a Secure and Efficient Way
room 6.3.38
João Silva Distributed implementation of evolutionary algorithms
Diogo Pinto (to be rescheduled)
room 6.3.38
Miguel Correia
Detecting Malicious Hosts Using Traffic Flows
Sileshi Demesi Yalew
Mobile Device Security with ARM TrustZone
room 6.3.38
Ibéria Medeiros Demonstrating a Tool for Injection Attack Prevention in MySQL
Fernando Ramos uPVN: User-centric Programmable Virtual Networks
room 6.3.38
Regivaldo Costa A Software-Defined Netwoking approach to enhance BGP security
Summer break

Fall 2016

Fall'16 Presentation A Presentation B
Date Speaker Title Speaker Title
06/10 Eric Vial Packet Manipulation Tools for Linux
Ricardo Fonseca Securing SDN-based monitoring - obstacles and learned insights
20/10 Fernando Ramos No more excuses: it’s time to secure BGP!
Miguel Garcia On the Origin of Diversity, by Means of Cluster Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured OSes in the Struggle for Dependability
03/11 Alysson Bessani Dependable Storage and Computing using Multiple Cloud Providers
Túlio Ribeiro Floodlight Tracing, Durable and Fault Tolerant
18/11 Vinicius Cogo Getting Started on LSH
Ricardo Mendes Janus: User-defined Cloud-backed Storage
02/12 Pedro Costa Chrysaor: Fine-Grained, Fault-Tolerant Cloud-of-Clouds MapReduce
Diogo Duarte (to be rescheduled)
Fernando Alves Machine Learning with Big Data - Specialized distributed systems for machine learning purposes
Ibéria Medeiros Attacks, you shall not pass! SEPTIC will not avail you.

Spring 2016

Date Presentation A Presentation B Presentation C
Spring'16 Speaker Title Speaker Title Speaker Title
Jan-15 Nuno Neves Making WAP Really Discover 0-day Vulnerabilities with Less Errors Pedro Maia Resilient Communications in Smart Grids - -
Jan-29 Diogo Duarte Vulnerability Detection in SDN Switches Tiago Oliveira Exploring Key-Value Stores in register emulations - -
Feb-12 Pedro Ferreira Entropy based unsupervised selection of data sets for improved model fitting José Soares Live migration of networks in a multi-cloud environment - -
Feb-26 Fabien Charmet
Telecom Sud Paris
Implementation of security policy in SDN environment Luís Ferrolho Secure and Dependable Virtual Network Embedding - -
Mar-11 Frederico Brito Towards Resilient Segment Routing Joel Alcântara Low-cost Cloud-based Disaster Recovery for Transactional Databases - -
Mar-25 Easter break
Apr-08 Pedro Costa Medusa: An Efficient Cloud Fault-Tolerant MapReduce - - - -
Apr-22 Sebastian Zug
Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg
GNSS Quality Forecasting for UAV Trajectory Planning in Urban Environments André Correia Discovering security threats in social networks - -
May-06 Nuno Ferreira Securing OEM controllers in a SDN environment Fernando Ramos Blending photons with electrons to reduce the energy footprint of IPTV networks - -
May-20 Alysson Bessani The DiSIEM (Diversity-enhancements for SIEMs) Project Tiago Santos Intrusion detection and response on mobile devices - -
Jun-03 António Casimiro Open challenges for dependable autonomous and cooperative cars Max Alaluna (Literally) above the clouds: virtualizing the network over multiple clouds - -
Jun-17 Bruno Vavala Secure Identification of Actively Executed Code on a Generic Trusted Component

paper slides

André Nogueira Making the SCADA System Intrusion Tolerant


Georg Jäger
University of Magdeburg
Safety Dependent Sensor Data Processing in Dynamic Composed Systems

Fall 2015

Date Presentation A Presentation B Presentation C
Fall'15 Presenter Title Presenter Title Presenter Title
Sep-25 João Sousa Separating the WHEAT from the Chaff:
An Empirical Design for
Geo-Replicated State Machines
Bruno Vavala Securing Passive Replication Through Verification Vinícius Cogo A High-Throughput Method to Detect
Privacy-Sensitive Human Genomic Data
Oct-09 Miguel Garcia Intrusion tolerance, make it last! Pedro Sá da Costa Dependable MapReduce in a Cloud of Clouds - -
Oct-23 Max Alaluna SuperCloud: The first demo is the hardest

slides paper

Tulio Ribeiro Mesobi: Memória em Software Transacional Tolerante a Faltas Bizantinas - -
Nov-06 Vinícius Cogo Genomes in the cloud: Dependable please, but affordable! Regivaldo Costa An SDN-based approach to manage and improve BGP security - -
Nov-13 @2pm Alexander Binun (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) Self-Stabilizing Virtual Machine Hypervisor Architecture for Resilient Cloud - - - -
Nov-20 Pradeeban Kathiravelu (IST-UL) Cassowary: Middleware Platform for Context-Aware Smart Buildings with Software-Defined Sensor Networks

slides paper

Gonçalo Jesus Dependable monitoring in aquatic wireless sensor networks - -
Dec-04 José Rufino Mechanisms to Enforce Dependability and Timeliness in Wireless Communications

slides paper

Ricardo Mendes Janus: A User-defined Cloud-backed Storage - -
Dec-18 Fernando Alves Vulnerability discovery in powerline communication André Mantas Distribution, fault tolerance & consistency in SDN control: Pick three

slides     paper

- -

Spring 2015

Presentation A Presentation B
2015-Mar-13 Max Silva Projeto de rede WAN – estudo de caso: rede do Exército Brasileiro Pedro Costa An Efficient MapReduce Middleware to Tolerate Cloud Faults
2015-Abr-17 Francisco Melo (EDP Distribuição) Desafios da EDP Distribuição nas redes inteligentes
2015-Mai-15 Aryan TaheriMonfared SDN, NFV, and Cloud Computing: beyond the buzz João Sousa Separating the WHEAT from the Chaff: An Empirical Design for Geo-Replicated State Machines
2015-Jun-05 Ricardo Fonseca SDN-based Network Monitoring Under Attack Radu Onica Fault Tolerant Precision Time Protocol for Smart Grids

Fall 2014

Presentation A Presentation B
Date Presenter Title Presenter Title
2014-Oct-24 Fernando M.V. Ramos On the Design of Practical Fault-Tolerant SDN Controllers Paulo Ferreira The anatomy of a Strongly Consistent Distributed SDN Controller
2014-Nov-07 André Nogueira Elastic State Machine Replication with CREST Alysson Bessani CHARON: A Dependable Biobank Data Sharing and Storage Infrastructure using the Cloud-of-Clouds
2014-Nov-28 Eric Vial Evaluation of Safety Rules in a Safety Kernel-based Architecture António Casimiro Concepts and solutions for safe, cooperative systems - the KARYON approach

Fall 2013

Presentation A Presentation B
Date Presenter Title Presenter Title
2013-Oct-8 Paulo Veríssimo Some notes about research in the Navigators group Fábio Botelho On the feasibility of a consistent and fault-tolerant data store for SDNs
2013-Nov-1 Alysson Bessani The final demo of TClouds Vinícius Cogo Best practices and advanced usage of Quinta
2013-Nov-15 André Nogueira FT-Tolerant Elastic Raw Storage António Casimiro Resilient monitoring of cloud infrastructures: TRONE and Fast-IDP
2013-Nov-29 Diego Kreutz The dark side of SDN and OpenFlow Alysson Bessani Sharing Memory between Byzantine Processes using Policy-Enforced Tuple Spaces
2013-Dec-13 Tiago Martins An overview of the Intrusion Detection field Pedro Ferreira An extreme computing approach to large-scale energy efficiency in households
2014-Jan-24 João Craveiro Real-time scheduling in multicore time- and space-partitioned architectures João Carraca Information security in time- and space-partitioned architectures for aerospace systems

Fall 2011

  • 20/09/11 - How to do research in Navigators/LaSIGE (Alysson and Antonio) and SecFuNet: Security for Future Networks (Diego Kreutz)
  • 04/10/11 - Optimal Randomized Consensus in Normal Situations (Bruno Vavala) and OpenStack Cloud Manager - Installation and Scheduling (Wojciech Ozga)
  • 18/10/11 - Writing and speaking science: tips and common mistakes to avoid (João Craveiro) and An Introduction to Coding Theory and LDPC codes (Hossein Rouhani)
  • 22/11/11 - Byzantine Fault-Tolerant MapReduce: Faults are not just Crashes (practice for talk CloudComm'11 - Pedro Costa) and Using Behavioral Profiles to Detect Software Flaws in Network Servers (practice talk for ISSRE'11 - João Antunes)
  • 06/12/11 - Trustworthy and Resilient Monitoring System for Cloud Infrastructures (Smruti)

Spring 2011

  • 01/02/11 - MASSIF Brainstorm (Nuno and Bruno)
  • 08/02/11 - MASSIF Brainstorm (Henrique and Antonio)
  • 15/02/11 - TCLOUDS Brainstorm (Paulo and Miguel)
  • 22/02/11 - TCLOUDS Brainstorm (Alysson and Bernhard)
  • 22/03/11 - TRONE Brainstorm (Antonio and Marcelo)
  • 05/04/11 - Hadoop MapReduce BFT (Pedro Costa) and DepSky: Dependable and Secure Storage in a Cloud-of-Clouds (practice talk for EuroSys'11 - Alysson)
  • 17/05/11 - Reducing Channel Change Delay in IPTV (Fernando Ramos) andTowards Intrusion-Tolerance aware scheduling policies for Cloud Computing (Vinícius Cogo)
  • 31/05/11 - TCLOUDS AppEngine: Towards a Cloud-of-Clouds Platform as a Service (Alysson Bessani) and Development and Update of Aerospace Applications in Partitioned Architectures (Joaquim Rosa)
  • 14/06/11 - Wormhole Architecture Applied to Mobile Robots (Gonçalo Cruchinho) and TBD
  • 21/06/11 - Practice talks for DSN (Miguel, Alysson, ?)
  • 05/07/11 - DSN Overview (Alysson) and Lightweight Adaptation in Wireless Sensor Networks (Luís Marques)

Fall 2010

  • 28/09/10 - An introduction to the new Navigators testbed (Marcelo Pasin and Vinicius Colgo)
  • 19/10/10 - From Static to Adaptive Configuration of Distributed Protocols (Antonio Casimiro) and The FITCH Architecture (Marcelo Pasin)
  • 02/11/10 - BFT State Machine Replication for the Masses (Alysson Bessani)
  • 16/11/10 - Adaptability Support in Time- and Space-Partitioned Aerospace Systems (João Craveiro) and Life at Google (Mônica Dixit)
  • 30/11/10 - Resilient Middleware for a Multi-Robot Team (Eric Vial) and Enforcing Dependability and Timeliness in Controller Area Networks (Ricardo Pinto)
  • 14/12/10 - Inaccessibility in IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Networks (Jeferson Souza) and Identification of Inconsistencies Among Diverse Replicas (João Antunes)
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