“Exploitation of Non-intrusive Monitoring in Real-Time Embedded Systems”

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Ricardo Correia Pinto, José Rufino

in Communication at the Embedded and Real-Time Systems Session of the 6th Simpósio de Informática (INForum), Porto, Portugal, Sept. 2014, pp. 1–1.

Abstract: Software execution monitoring in embedded systems can be performed with different purposes, ranging from system characterization to run-time verification (RV). Traditional RV techniques require the intrumentation of the code for monitoring, which brings an overhead to the execution of the system - both in performance and timeliness. In real- time systems this overhead is exarcebated by the need of new worst-case execution time estimation and schedulability analysis. In this paper we show how non-intrusive monitoring mechanisms can be exploited to support Run-time Verification (RV) in real-time embedded systems, thus allowing run-time verification without the need for code instrumentation and therefore negating the penalties incurred by instru- mentation.

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Project(s): Project:READAPT, Project:KARYON

Research line(s): Timeliness and Adaptation in Dependable Systems (TADS)

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