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The NavTalks is a series of informal talks given by Navigators members or some special guests about every two-weeks at Ciências, ULisboa.

Leave mouse over title's presentation to read the abstract.


Upcoming presentations

March 2022

10 Diogo Duarte TBD  
24 Nuno Dionísio TBD  

April 2022

7 Samaneh Shafee TBD  
7 Diogo Pires TBD  
21 Žygimantas Jasiūnas TBD  

May 2022

5 Allan Espíndola TBD  
5 Gabriel Freitas TBD  
19 Tiago R. N. Carvalho TBD  
19 Gonçalo Reis TBD  

June 2022

2 Rafael Ramires TBD  
2 Inês Sousa Integration of various data sources and implementation of a dashboard for the remotemonitorization system  
16 Pedro Rosa Lightweight Cryptography for Internet of Things (IoT) Devices  
16 Jorge Martins TBD  
30 Pedro Alves TBD  
30 Lívio Rodrigues TBD  

July 2022

14 Miguel Oliveira TBD  

Past presentations

September 2018

20 Alysson Bessani SMaRtChain: A Principled Design for a New Generation of Blockchains  
20 Rui Miguel Named Data Networking with Programmable Switches  

October 2018

4 Bruno Vavala (Research Scientist in Intel Labs) Private Data Objects  
4 Marcus Völp (Research Scientist, CritiX, SnT, Univ. of Luxembourg) Reflective Consensus  
18 Yair Amir (Professor, Johns Hopkins University) Timely, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Internet Transport Service using Structured Overlay Networks  

November 2018

13 Salvatore Signorello The Past, the Present and some Future of Interest Flooding Attacks in Named-Data Networking  
13 Tiago Oliveira Vawlt - Privacy-Centered Cloud Storage  
27 Nuno Neves Segurança de Software - Como Encontrar uma Agulha num Palheiro?  
27 Ricardo Mendes Vawlt - The Zero-knowledge End-to-end Encryption Protocol  

December 2018

11/12 António Casimiro AQUAMON: Dependable Monitoring with Wireless Sensor Networks in Water Environments  
11/12 Carlos Nascimento Review of wireless technology for AQUAMON: Lora, sigfox, nb-iot  

January 2019

15/01 Fernando Alves A comparison between vulnerability publishing in OSINT and Vulnerability Databases  
15/01 Ibéria Medeiros SEAL: SEcurity progrAmming of web appLications  
29/01 Fernando Ramos Networks that drive themselves…of the cliff  
29/01 Miguel Garcia Some tips before rushing into LaTeX (adapted from: How (and How Not) to Write a Good Systems Paper)  

February 2019

19/02 Ana Fidalgo Conditional Random Fields and Vulnerability Detection in Web Applications  
19/02 João Sousa Towards BFT-SMaRt v2: Blockchains and Flow Control  

March 2019

13/03 Fernando Ramos How to give a great -- OK, at least a good -- research talk  
13/03 Ricardo Morgado Automatically correcting PHP web applications  

March 2019

27/03 Nuno Dionísio Cyberthreat Detection from Twitter using Deep Neural Networks  
27/03 Fernando Ramos My network protocol is better than yours!  

April 2019

10/04 Adriano Serckumecka SIEMs  
10/04 Tulio Ribeiro BFT Consensus & PoW Consensus (blockchain).  

May 2019

08/05 Miguel Garcia Diverse Intrusion-tolerant Systems  
29/05 Pedro Ferreira The concept of the next navigators cybersecurity H2020 project  
29/05 Vinicius Cogo Auditable Register Emulations  

June 2019

05/06 Diogo Gonçalves Network coding switch  
05/06 Francisco Araújo Generating Software Tests To Check For Flaws and Functionalities  
26/06 Joao Pinto Implementation of a Protocol for Safe Cooperation Between Autonomous Vehicles  
26/06 Tiago Correia Design and Implementation of a Cloud-based Membership System for Vehicular Cooperation  
26/06 Robin Vassantlal Confidential BFT State Machine Replication  

March 2021

24 Ana Fidalgo Machine Learning approaches for vulnerability detection  

April 2021

7 Vasco Leitão Discovering Association Rules Between Software System Requirements and Product Specifications  
21 João Caseirito Improving Web Application Vulnerability Detection Leveraging Ensemble Fuzzing  

May 2021

5 Paulo Antunes Web Vulnerability Discovery at an Intermediate Language Level  
19 Frederico Apolónia Building Occupancy Assessment  

June 2021

2 Bernardo Portela Secure Conflict-free Replicated Data Types  
16 Žygimantas Jasiūnas and Vasco Ferreira Monitoring and Integration of heterogeneous building IoT platforms and smart systems  
30 João Inácio Automatic Removal of Flaws in Embedded System Software  

July 2021

14 André Gil Platform Architecture and data management for cloud-based buildings energy self-assessment and optimization  
28 João Valente Data quality and dependability of IoT platform for buildings energy assessment  

November 2021

26 Maria Fidalgo The Meritocracy Myth: A Gender Perspective  

December 2021

16 Paulo Antunes Web Vulnerability Discovery at an Intermediate Language Level  

January 2022

13 Rohit Kumar Architectural support and mechanisms for resilient and safe control in Cyber-Physical System  
13 Daniel Ângelo Privacy-preserving Deanonymization of Dark Web Tor Onion Services for Criminal Investigations  
27 Robin Vassantlal COBRA: Dynamic Proactive Secret Sharing for Confidential BFT Services  
27 João Loureiro Deep learning for communication optimization on autonomous vehicles  

February 2022

10 Carlos Mão de Ferro Safe and Modular Integration of Cyber-Physical Systems  
10 David Silva Developing a scalable IoT solution for remote monitoring and control  
24 Adriano Mão de Ferro Machine learning to predict ecological features in satellite Earth observation data  

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