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  • xAmp, a protocol suite for group communication.
  • Appia, a layered communication toolkit.
  • TCB/TTCB, a distributed wormhole that provides a set of time and security related services.
  • RT-PSS, a real-time proactive secret sharing library for RTAI.
  • DepSpace, a Byzantine fault-tolerant coordination service based on the tuple space model.
  • JITT, a set of tools and libraries for intrusion tolerance using the Java programming language, including implementations of Byzantine Paxos and verifiable secret sharing.
  • SMaRt, a Byzantine-fault-tolerant state machine replication library developed in Java with simplicity and robustness as primary requirements.
  • Adaptare, a framework for automatic and dependable adaptation in dynamic environments.
  • hsSim, an extensible interoperable object-oriented n-Level hierarchical scheduling simulator.
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