“The IMBPC HVAC system: A complete MBPC solution for existing HVAC systems”

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Antonio E. Ruano, Shabnam Pesteh, Sergio Silva, Helder Duarte, Gonçalo Mestre, Pedro M. Ferreira, Hamid R. Khosravani, Ricardo Horta

Enegy and Buildings, vol. 120, pp. 145–158, May 2016.

Abstract: This paper introduces the Intelligent MBPC (IMBPC) HVAC system, a complete solution to enable Model-Based Predictive Control (MBPC) of existing HVAC installations in a building. The IMPBC HVAC minimizes the economic cost needed to maintain controlled rooms in thermal comfort during the periods of occupation. The hardware and software components of the IMBPC system are described, with a focus on the MBPC algorithm employed. The installation of IMBPC HVAC solution in a University building is described, and the results obtained in terms of economical savings and thermal comfort obtained are compared with standard, temperature regulated control.

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Research line(s): Timeliness and Adaptation in Dependable Systems (TADS)

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