“An Integrated Modular Avionics Development Environment”

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Tobias Schoofs, Sérgio Santos, Cássia Tatibana, José Anjos, José Rufino, James Windsor

in Proceedings of the Eurospace Data Systems in Aerospace Conference (DASIA) 2009. Istanbul, Turkey, May 2009., May 2009.

Abstract: The ARINC 653 standard has taken a leading role within the aeronautical industry in the development of safety-critical systems based upon the Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) concept. The related cost savings in reduced integration, verification and validation effort has raised interest in the European space industry for developing a spacecraft IMA approach and for the definition of an ARINC 653-for-Space software framework. As part of this process, it is necessary to establish an effective way to develop, test and analyse on-board applications without having access to the final IMA target platform for all engineers. Target platforms are usually extremely expensive considering hardware and software prices as well as training costs. This paper describes the architecture of an Integrated Modular Avionics Development Environment (IMADE) based on the Linux Operating System and the ARINC 653 simulator for Modular On-Board Applications that was developed by Skysoft Portugal, S.A. in cooperation with ESA, 2007-2008.

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Project(s): Project:AIR-II

Research line(s): Timeliness and Adaptation in Dependable Systems (TADS)

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