“AQUAMON – A dependable Monitoring Platform based on Wireless Sensor Networks for Water Environments”

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António Casimiro, José Cecílio, Pedro M. Ferreira, Anabela Oliveira, Paula Freire, Marta Rodrigues, Luís Almeida

in Safecomp 2019 Fast Abstract, Turku, Finland, Sept. 2019.

Abstract: Continuous monitoring of aquatic environments using water sensors is important for several applications related to aquaculture and/or water resources management, as well as for recreational activities. Since sensors are constantly being subjected to potentially strong currents and debris accumulation, and the communication between sensors may be affected by waves and electromagnetic interference, operating sensors in the water environment presents several challenges to data quality assurance and to dependable monitoring. Thus, it is funda-mental to address these challenges in order to avoid false alarms or ignoring relevant events. In this paper we present the AQUAMON project, whose objective is to develop a dependable platform based on WSNs for monitoring in aquatic environments. The project addresses data communication and data quality problems, by per-forming comparative studies of available wireless technologies with respect to aspects with impact on communication quality and deployment cost and proposing new data processing approaches to detect sensor and network failures affecting data quality and to mitigate the effects of these failures.

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Project(s): Project:AQUAMON

Research line(s): Timeliness and Adaptation in Dependable Systems (TADS)

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