“Conceptual Model and Architecture of MAFTIA”

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A. Adelsbach, C. Cachin, Sadie Creese, Yves Deswarte, K. Kursawe, J.-C. Laprie, D. Powell, B. Randell, James Riordan, Peter Ryan, William Simmionds, R. J. Stroud, Paulo Veríssimo, M. Waidner, Andreas Wespi

University of Lisbon, DI-FCUL, Tech. Rep. TR-03-1, Feb. 2003.

Abstract: This deliverable builds on the work reported in (MAFTIA 2000) and (Powell and Stroud 2001). It contains a further refinement of the MAFTIA conceptual model and a revised discussion of the MAFTIA architecture. It also introduces the work done in MAFTIA on verification and assessment of security properties, which is reported on in more detail in (Adelsbach and Creese 2003)

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Project(s): Project:MAFTIA

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