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  • Sponsor: EDP and FCT
  • Coordinator: Pedro Ferreira (Coordinates LASIGE participation)
  • Partners: FCUL, IST, UC, Accenture, INESC ID, INESC TEC
  • Start Date: Oct. 2019
  • Duration: 60 months
  • Keywords: IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Energy CyberPhysical Systems
  • Team at FCUL: Researchers including

Smart Energy Lab is an EDP and FCT jointly funded Colaborative Laboratory (CoLAB) that acts through scientific and technological innovation activities aimed at creating economic and social value. Through a unique combination of science, technology and industry in the energy sector, focusing on the downstream of the energy value chain we will create new products and services to improve life for everyone. Smart Energy Lab aims to fill an existing gap in the academic/industrial ecosystem in the energy sector, with synergies between two industrial associates and five academic R&D associates.


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