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  • Sponsor: FCT
  • Project Number: Sapiens 33127/1999
  • Total award amount: 23.5K Euros
  • Coordinator: INESC
  • Partners: INESC, FCUL
  • Start Date: Jan. 2001
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Keywords: Multi-user Object Oriented Environement, Separation of Concerns, Configurable Systems
  • Team at FCUL: 3 researchers, including Luís Rodrigues, Hugo Miranda


The MOOSCo project, Multi-user Object-Oriented environments with Separation of Concerns, addresses the difficulties in applying a component-based approach in a vertical and integrated manner, from analysis to implementation, to the design of this class of systems. The project will define an architecture that will be applied in the MOOs context. MOO environments constitute a challenge for object-oriented distributed systems theory and practice due to its unique requirements for dependability, scalability, adaptability, usability, dynamic changes, non-functional domains to be considered, and efficiency.


The project intends to design and implement an architecture to the support of multi-user object-oriented environments. The architecture is based on component composition and addresses three abstraction layers: user models, middleware abstractions, and infrastructure communication protocols.

Approach and Methods

The project workplan is divided into several parts:

Identify the user models that are relevant for MOOs in order to classify the variabilities inherit to the MOO applications.

Design composible and customizable middleware abstractions to support user models and their variabilities and allow the construction of MOO application that are easily tuned and can evolve. Implement those abstractions as an object-oriented framework.

Design composible and customizable infrastructure protocols, offering different quality of service, to be used by the middleware abstractions.

Integrate the results from the previous tasks in a coherent architecture.

Validate the results applying it to a concrete MOO system.



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