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Past member
Paulo Sousa is no longer with the Navigators.



Past projects

  • REGENESYS (Regeneration of Replicated Systems)
  • CRUTIAL (CRitical UTility InfrastructurAL resilience)
  • RESIST NoE (Resilience for Survivability in IST (Network of Excellence))
  • RITAS (Randomized Intrusion Tolerance for Asynchronous Systems)
  • CORTEX (CO-operating Real-time senTient objects: architecture and EXperimental evaluation)

Student supervision



  • Alysson Bessani, Miguel Correia, Paulo Sousa, “Active Quorum Systems”, in Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Hot Topics in System Dependability - HotDep'10 (together with USENIX OSDI'10). Vancouver, Canada. October 2010., Oct. 2010.

  • Rogério Correia, Paulo Sousa, “WEST: Wormhole-Enhanced State Transfer”, in Proceedings of the DSN 2009 Workshop on Proactive Failure Avoidance, Recovery and Maintenance (PFARM), Estoril, Portugal, June 2009., Jun. 2009.

  • François Aubry, Alysson Bessani, Paulo Sousa, “BFT Services Programming with a Dependable Tuple Space”, in Proceedings of the 39th IEEE International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN 2009) - Fast Abstract, Estoril, Portugal, Jun-Jul 2009., Jun. 2009.

  • Paulo Verissimo, Miguel Correia, Nuno Ferreira Neves, Paulo Sousa, “Intrusion-Resilient Middleware Design and Validation”, in Information Assurance, Security and Privacy Services, ser. Handbooks in Information Systems. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, May 2009, vol. 4, pp. 615–678.

  • Paulo Sousa, Alysson Bessani, Rafael R. Obelheiro, “The FOREVER Service for Fault/Intrusion Removal”, in Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Recent Advances on Intrusion-Tolerant Systems (WRAITS 2008). Glasgow, UK, April 2008., Apr. 2008.

More publications


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