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Past member
Nuno Miguel Neves is no longer with the Navigators.
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Nuno Miguel Neves



Past projects

  • CaberNet (Network of Excellence in Distributed and Dependable Computing Systems)


  • J. Armstrong, C. Cachin, Miguel Correia, A. Costa, Hugo Miranda, Nuno Ferreira Neves, Nuno Miguel Neves, J. A. Poritz, B. Randell, Lau Cheuk Lung, Luís Rodrigues, R. J. Stroud, Paulo Verissimo, M. Waidner, I. S. Welch, “Complete Specification of APIs and Protocols for the MAFTIA Middleware”, Missing institution, Tech. Rep., Jul. 2002. Technical Report DI/FCUL TR-02-11, Department of Computer Science, University of Lisbon. jULY 2002


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