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This is the historical archive of Navtalks. For the current schedule, see Navtalks.

Fall 2011

  • 20/09/11 - How to do research in Navigators/LaSIGE (Alysson and Antonio) and SecFuNet: Security for Future Networks (Diego Kreutz)
  • 04/10/11 - Optimal Randomized Consensus in Normal Situations (Bruno Vavala) and OpenStack Cloud Manager - Installation and Scheduling (Wojciech Ozga)
  • 18/10/11 - Writing and speaking science: tips and common mistakes to avoid (João Craveiro) and An Introduction to Coding Theory and LDPC codes (Hossein Rouhani)
  • 22/11/11 - Byzantine Fault-Tolerant MapReduce: Faults are not just Crashes (practice for talk CloudComm'11 - Pedro Costa) and Using Behavioral Profiles to Detect Software Flaws in Network Servers (practice talk for ISSRE'11 - João Antunes)
  • 06/12/11 - Trustworthy and Resilient Monitoring System for Cloud Infrastructures (Smruti)

Spring 2011

  • 01/02/11 - MASSIF Brainstorm (Nuno and Bruno)
  • 08/02/11 - MASSIF Brainstorm (Henrique and Antonio)
  • 15/02/11 - TCLOUDS Brainstorm (Paulo and Miguel)
  • 22/02/11 - TCLOUDS Brainstorm (Alysson and Bernhard)
  • 22/03/11 - TRONE Brainstorm (Antonio and Marcelo)
  • 05/04/11 - Hadoop MapReduce BFT (Pedro Costa) and DepSky: Dependable and Secure Storage in a Cloud-of-Clouds (practice talk for EuroSys'11 - Alysson)
  • 17/05/11 - Reducing Channel Change Delay in IPTV (Fernando Ramos) andTowards Intrusion-Tolerance aware scheduling policies for Cloud Computing (Vinícius Cogo)
  • 31/05/11 - TCLOUDS AppEngine: Towards a Cloud-of-Clouds Platform as a Service (Alysson Bessani) and Development and Update of Aerospace Applications in Partitioned Architectures (Joaquim Rosa)
  • 14/06/11 - Wormhole Architecture Applied to Mobile Robots (Gonçalo Cruchinho) and TBD
  • 21/06/11 - Practice talks for DSN (Miguel, Alysson, ?)
  • 05/07/11 - DSN Overview (Alysson) and Lightweight Adaptation in Wireless Sensor Networks (Luís Marques)

Fall 2010

  • 28/09/10 - An introduction to the new Navigators testbed (Marcelo Pasin and Vinicius Colgo)
  • 19/10/10 - From Static to Adaptive Configuration of Distributed Protocols (Antonio Casimiro) and The FITCH Architecture (Marcelo Pasin)
  • 02/11/10 - BFT State Machine Replication for the Masses (Alysson Bessani)
  • 16/11/10 - Adaptability Support in Time- and Space-Partitioned Aerospace Systems (João Craveiro) and Life at Google (Mônica Dixit)
  • 30/11/10 - Resilient Middleware for a Multi-Robot Team (Eric Vial) and Enforcing Dependability and Timeliness in Controller Area Networks (Ricardo Pinto)
  • 14/12/10 - Inaccessibility in IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Networks (Jeferson Souza) and Identification of Inconsistencies Among Diverse Replicas (João Antunes)
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