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The Navtalks is a series of informal talks given by Navigators members or some special guests on (approximately) every two-weeks, on Fridays at 12:00 pm, at room 6.3.38.

Please check out the schedule in our public NavTalks Google Calendar (you can also subscribe through its ICAL link).

Spring'15 Schedule

Date Presentation A Presentation B Presentation C
Spring'15 Speaker Title Speaker Title Speaker Title
Jan-15 Nuno Neves Making WAP Really Discover 0-day Vulnerabilities with Less Errors Pedro Maia Resilient Communications in Smart Grids - -
Jan-29 Diogo Duarte Vulnerability Detection in SDN Switches Tiago Oliveira Exploring Key-Value Stores in register emulations - -
Feb-12 Pedro Ferreira Entropy based unsupervised selection of data sets for improved model fitting José Soares Live migration of networks in a multi-cloud environment - -
Feb-26 Fabien Charmet
Telecom Sud Paris
Implementation of security policy in SDN environment Luis Ferrolho Secure and Dependable Virtual Network Embedding - -
Mar-11 Frederico Brito Towards Resilient Segment Routing Joel Alcantara Low-cost Cloud-based Disaster Recovery for Transactional Databases - -
Mar-25 Easter break
Apr-08 Pedro Costa Medusa: An Efficient Cloud Fault-Tolerant MapReduce - - - -
Apr-22 Sebastian Zug
Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg
GNSS Quality Forecasting for UAV Trajectory Planning in Urban Environments André Correia Discovering security threats in social networks - -
May-06 Nuno Ferreira Securing OEM controllers in a SDN environment Fernando Ramos Blending photons with electrons to reduce the energy footprint of IPTV networks - -
May-20 Alysson Bessani - Tiago Santos - - -
Jun-03 Antonio Casimiro - André Nogueira - - -
Jun-17 Eric Vial - Ricardo Fonseca - - -

Fall'15 Schedule

Date Presentation A Presentation B Presentation C
Fall'15 Presenter Title Presenter Title Presenter Title
Sep-25 João Sousa Separating the WHEAT from the Chaff:
An Empirical Design for
Geo-Replicated State Machines
Bruno Vavala Securing Passive Replication Through Verification Vinícius Cogo A High-Throughput Method to Detect
Privacy-Sensitive Human Genomic Data
Oct-09 Miguel Garcia Intrusion tolerance, make it last! Pedro Sá da Costa Dependable MapReduce in a Cloud of Clouds - -
Oct-23 Max Alaluna SuperCloud: The first demo is the hardest

[slides] paper

Tulio Ribeiro Mesobi: Memória em Software Transacional Tolerante a Faltas Bizantinas - -
Nov-06 Vinícius Cogo Genomes in the cloud: Dependable please, but affordable! Regivaldo Costa An SDN-based approach to manage and improve BGP security - -
Nov-13 @2pm Alexander Binun (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) Self-Stabilizing Virtual Machine Hypervisor Architecture for Resilient Cloud - - - -
Nov-20 Pradeeban Kathiravelu (IST-UL) Cassowary: Middleware Platform for Context-Aware Smart Buildings with Software-Defined Sensor Networks

slides paper

Gonçalo Jesus Dependable monitoring in aquatic wireless sensor networks - -
Dec-04 José Rufino Mechanisms to Enforce Dependability and Timeliness in Wireless Communications

slides paper

Ricardo Mendes Janus: A User-defined Cloud-backed Storage - -
Dec-18 Fernando Alves Vulnerability discovery in powerline communication André Mantas Distribution, fault tolerance & consistency in SDN control: Pick three

slides     paper

- -

For past years, please check out our archive.

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