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The Navtalks is a series of informal talks given by navigators members or some special guests on (approximately) every two-weeks, on Fridays at 12:15 pm, at room 6.3.38.

The schedule for Fall 2014 is as follows (for past years/semesters, see the archive):

Presentation A Presentation B
Date Presenter Title Presenter Title
2014-Oct-24 Fernando M.V. Ramos On the Design of Practical Fault-Tolerant SDN Controllers Paulo Ferreira The anatomy of a Strongly Consistent Distributed SDN Controller
2014-Nov-07 André Nogueira Elastic State Machine Replication with CREST Alysson Bessani CHARON: A Dependable Biobank Data Sharing and Storage Infrastructure using the Cloud-of-Clouds
2014-Nov-28 Eric Vial Evaluation of Safety Rules in a Safety Kernel-based Architecture António Casimiro Concepts and solutions for safe, cooperative systems - the KARYON approach
2015-Mar-13 Max Silva Projeto de rede WAN – estudo de caso: rede do Exército Brasileiro Pedro Costa An Efficient MapReduce Middleware to Tolerate Cloud Faults
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