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The Navtalks is a series of informal talks given by navigators members or some special guests on (approximately) every two-weeks, on Fridays at 12:00 pm, at room 6.3.38.

The schedule for Fall 2015 is as follows (for past years/semesters, see the archive):

Presentation A Presentation B Presentation C
Date Presenter Title Presenter Title Presenter Title
2015-Sep-25 João Sousa
Separating the WHEAT from the Chaff:
An Empirical Design for
Geo-Replicated State Machines
Bruno Vavala
Securing Passive Replication Through
Vinícius Cogo
A High-Throughput Method to Detect
Privacy-Sensitive Human Genomic Data
2015-Oct-09 Miguel Garcia
Intrusion tolerance, make it last!
Pedro Sá da Costa
Dependable MapReduce in a Cloud of Clouds
2015-Oct-23 Max Alaluna
SuperCloud: The first demo is the hardest
Tulio Ribeiro Mesobi: Memória em Software Transacional Tolerante a Faltas Bizantinas
2015-Nov-06 TBA TBA
2015-Nov-20 Pradeeban Kathiravelu (IST-UL) TBA
2015-Dec-04 TBA TBA
2015-Dec-18 TBA TBA
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