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Past Events

[1] What: NavTalk, When: Wed 2018-Jul-4, 12:00am, Where: room 6.3.38

Alan Oliveira presents System Identification Attacks, Model-based Offensives and Countermeasures in Networked Control Systems

[2] What: NavTalk, When: Wed 2018-Jun-20, 11:30am, Where: room 6.3.38

Luiz Rust presents Cyber security for Smart Devices

[3] What: NavTalk, When: Wed 2018-Jun-6, 12:00pm, Where: room 6.3.38

João Sousa presents A Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Ordering Service for the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Platform
Tiago Oliveira and Ricardo Mendes presents Vawlt - from Science to Business

[4] What: NavTalk, When: Wed 2018-May-23, 12:00pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Nuno Dionisio presents Improving Cyberthreat Discovery in Open Source Intelligence using Deep Learning Techniques
Pedro Ferreira presents Artificial Intelligence for Agricultural Production in Protected Environments

[5] What: NavTalk, When: Wed 2018-May-2, 12:00pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Paulo Antunes presents Monitoring Web Applications for Vulnerability Removal Under Attack
Adriano Serckumecka presents Putting SIEMs in the Cloud

[6] What: NavTalk, When: Wed 2018-Apr-18, 12:00pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Fernando Alves presents OSINT-Based Data-Driven Cybersecurity Discovery
Aurélien Bettini presents Representation and generation of IoC extracted from OSINT

[7] What: NavTalk, When: Wed 2018-Apr-4, 12:00pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Wilson Melo presents Decentralized Metrological Surveillance of Fuel Pumps
Vinicius Cogo presents On the Challenges of Deduplicating Human Genomic Sequencing Data

[8] What: NavTalk, When: Wed 2018-Mar-21, 12:15pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Ibéria Medeiros presents Detecting Web Application Vulnerabilities using Fuzzing and Symbolic Execution
Tomás Peixinho presents Securing the internet at the exchange point with a blockchain

[9] What: NavTalk, When: Wed 2018-Mar-7, 12pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Nuno Neves presents dry run talk SUPERCLOUD final review
Eric Vial presents dry run demo SUPERCLOUD final review

[10] What: NavTalk, When: Wed 2018-Feb-21, 12pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Rui Azevedo presents Secure SIEM using OSINT for avoiding threats

[11] What: NavTalk, When: Wed 2018-Feb-7, 12pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Miguel Garcia presents BFT-controllers for Intrusion-tolerant systems
Fernando Ramos presents Logically centralising the Software-Defined Network

[12] What: NavTalk, When: Tue 2018-Jan-17, 12pm, Where: room 6.3.38

José Rufino presents NORTH - Non-intrusive Observation and RunTime verification of cyber-pHysical systems
António Casimiro presents Membership-based Maneuver Negotiation in Safety-critical Vehicular Systems

[13] What: NavTalk, When: Tue 2017-Dec-6, 12pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Rui Miguel presents Named Data Networking with Programmable Switches
Alysson Bessani presents GINJA: One-dollar Cloud-based Disaster Recovery for Databases

[14] What: NavTalk, When: Tue 2017-Nov-22, 12pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Alysson Bessani presents Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Ordering Service for the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Platform
Wilson Melo presents How Blockchains can help Legal Metrology

[15] What: NavTalk, When: Tue 2017-Nov-8, 12pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Max Alaluna presents Secure Multi-Cloud Network Virtualization
Túlio Ribeiro presents Heimdall: a Distributed and Fault Tolerant Update Aware SDN Controller

[16] What: NavTalk, When: Tue 2017-Oct-24, 12pm, Where: room 8.2.19

Eduardo Viegas (PUCPR) presents Network-based Intrusion Detection: on Protecting a Moving Target
Ricardo Fonseca presents Demonstration of resilient communications in the context of a smart grid

[17] What: NavTalk, When: Tue 2017-Oct-12, 12pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Alysson Bessani presents How to do Research in Navigators/LASIGE

[18] What: NavTalk, When: Tue 2017-Sep-26, 12pm-2pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Oliver Michel (guest speaker) presents Network Defragmentation in Virtualized Data Centers

[19] What: NavTalk, When: Wednesday 2017-Jun-14, 12pm-2pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Ibéria Medeiros presents Demonstrating a Tool for Injection Attack Prevention in MySQL
Fernando Ramos presents uPVN: User-centric Programmable Virtual Networks

[20] What: NavTalk, When: Wednesday 2017-May-31, 12pm-2pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Miguel Correia presents Detecting Malicious Hosts Using Traffic Flows
Sileshi Demesi Yalew presents Mobile Device Security with ARM TrustZone

[21] What: NavTalk, When: Friday 2017-May-19, 12pm-2pm, Where: room 6.3.38

João Silva presents Distributed implementation of evolutionary algorithms
Diogo Pinto presents (to be rescheduled)

[22] What: NavTalk, When: Wednesday, 2017-May-03, 12pm-2pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Rui Miguel presents P4: Programming Protocol-Independent Packet Processors (Bosshart et al., SIGCOMM'14)
Fabio Pereria presents Network Monitoring in a Secure and Efficient Way

[23] What: NavTalk, When: Wednesday, 2017-Apr-19, 12pm-2pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Bruno Nunes presents Live Migration of Networks
Pedro Alves presents Smarter Routing for a Smarter Grid

[24] What: NavTalk, When: Wednesday, 2017-Apr-05, 12pm-2pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Antonio Casimiro presents Enforcing Timeliness and Safety in Mission-Critical Systems
Eunice Branco presents Cyberthreat Discovery in Open Source Intelligence using Deep Learning Techniques

[25] What: NavTalk, When: Wednesday, 2017-Mar-08, 12pm-2pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Miguel Falé presents Protecting WAP from infinite recursion
Henrique Mendes presents Securing DLMS/COSEM implementations for use in the smart grid

[26] What: NavTalk, When: Wednesday, 2017-Mar-08, 12pm-2pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Adriano Serckumecka presents Collection and monitoring of security events to feed SIEMs
Eric Vial, Max Alaluna,
Fernando Ramos
present Demonstration of Sirius, a Multi-Cloud Network Virtualization Platform

[27] What: NavTalk, When: Wednesday, 2017-Feb-22, 12pm-2pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Nuno Neves presents Intrusion Tolerant Eclipse SCADA
Bruno Vavala presents Secure Tera-scale Data Crunching with a Small TCB

[28] What: NavTalk, When: Wednesday, 2017-Feb-08, 12pm-2pm, Where: room 6.3.38

Tiago Oliveira presents Exploring Key-Value Stores in Multi-Writer Byzantine-Resilient Register Emulations
Max Alanuna presents Sehen: Secure Yet Efficient Virtual Network Embedding in a Multi-Cloud Environment

[29] What: NavTalk, When: Wednesday, 2017-Jan-25, 12pm-2pm,
Where: (exceptionally) room 6.2.46

Altair Santin
(guest speaker)
presents Segurança para ambiente de Smart Grid

(Security for Smart Grid Environments)

João Sousa presents Practical experiences with a BFT middleware database

[30] What: NavTalk, When: Thursday, 2017-Jan-13, 12pm-2pm,
Where: (exceptionally) room 6.1.25

José Rufino presents The (Hidden) Potential of Non-Intrusive Runtime Verification
Inês Gouveia presents Enforcing Safety and Security Through Non-Intrusive Runtime Verification

[31] What: NavTalk, When: Thursday, 2016-Dec-16, 12.30pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Fernando Alves presents Machine Learning with Big Data - Specialized distributed systems for machine learning purposes
Ibéria Medeiros presents Attacks, you shall not pass! SEPTIC will not avail you.

[32] What: NavTalk, When: Thursday, 2016-Dec-02, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Pedro Costa presents Chrysaor: Fine-Grained, Fault-Tolerant Cloud-of-Clouds MapReduce

[33] What: NavTalk, When: Thursday, 2016-Nov-17, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Vinicius Cogo presents Getting Started on LSH
Ricardo Mendes presents Janus: User-defined Cloud-backed Storage

[34] What: NavTalk, When: Thursday, 2016-Nov-03, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Alysson Bessani presents Dependable Storage and Computing using Multiple Cloud Providers
Túlio Ribeiro presents Floodlight Tracing, Durable and Fault Tolerant

[35] What: NavTalk, When: Thursday, 2016-Oct-20, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Fernando Ramos presents No more excuses: it’s time to secure BGP!
Miguel Garcia presents On the Origin of Diversity, by Means of Cluster Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured OSes in the Struggle for Dependability

[36] What: NavTalk, When: Thursday, 2016-Oct-06, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Eric Vial presents Packet Manipulation Tools for Linux
Ricardo Fonseca presents Securing SDN-based monitoring - obstacles and learned insights

[37] What: NavTalk, When: Friday, 2016-Jun-17, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Bruno Vavala presents Secure Identification of Actively Executed Code on a Generic Trusted Component
André Nogueira presents Making the SCADA System Intrusion Tolerant
Georg Jäger presents Safety Dependent Sensor Data Processing in Dynamic Composed Systems

[38] What: NavTalk, When: Friday, 2016-Jun-03, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Antonio Casimiro presents Open challenges for dependable autonomous and cooperative cars
Max Alaluna presents (Literally) above the clouds: virtualizing the network over multiple clouds

[39] What: NavTalk, When: Friday, 2016-May-20, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Alysson Bessani presents The DiSIEM (Diversity-enhancements for SIEMs) Project
Tiago Santos presents Intrusion detection and response on mobile devices

[40] What: NavTalk, When: Friday, 2016-May-06, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Nuno Ferreira presents Securing OEM controllers in a SDN environment
Fernando Ramos presents Blending photons with electrons to reduce the energy footprint of IPTV networks

[41] What: NavTalk, When: Friday, 2016-Apr-22, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Sebastian Zug presents GNSS Quality Forecasting for UAV Trajectory Planning in Urban Environments
André Correia presents Discovering security threats in social networks

[42] What: NavTalk, When: Friday, 2016-Apr-08, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Pedro Costa presents Medusa: An Efficient Cloud Fault-Tolerant MapReduce

(Friday, 2016-Mar-25 Easter break -- No Navtalk)

[43] What: NavTalk, When: Friday, 2016-Mar-11, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Frederico Brito presents Towards Resilient Segment Routing
Joel Alcantara presents Low-cost Cloud-based Disaster Recovery for Transactional Databases

[44] What: NavTalk, When: Friday, 2016-Feb-26, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Fabien Charmet
(Telecom Sud Paris)
presents Implementation of security policy in SDN environment
Luis Ferrolho presents Secure and Dependable Virtual Network Embedding

[45] What: NavTalk, When: Friday, 2016-Feb-12, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Pedro Ferreira presents Entropy based unsupervised selection of data sets for improved model fitting
José Soares presents Live migration of networks in a multi-cloud environment

[46] What: NavTalk, When: Friday, 2016-Jan-29, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Diogo Duarte presents Vulnerability Detection in SDN Switches
Tiago Oliveira presents Exploring Key-Value Stores in register emulations

[47] What: NavTalk, When: Friday, 2016-Jan-15, 12pm-2pm, Where: room C6.3.38

Nuno Neves presents Making WAP Really Discover 0-day Vulnerabilities with Less Errors
Pedro Maia presents Resilient Communications in Smart Grids

[48] What: NavTalk, When: Friday, 2015-Dec-18, 12h00-14h00, Where: room C6.3.38

Title: Vulnerability discovery in powerline communication
Speaker: Fernando Alves
Title: Distribution, fault tolerance & consistency in SDN control: Pick three
Speaker: Andre Mantas

[49] What: [

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