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The Navtalks is a series of informal talks given by Navigators members or some special guests about every two-weeks at Ciências, ULisboa.

scheduled next to be defined
Winter'18 Presentations
When & Where Speaker Title
Sep 20 @ 12pm
room 6.3.38
Alysson Bessani SMaRtChain: A Principled Design for a New Generation of Blockchains
Rui Miguel Named Data Networking with Programmable Switches

For past years, please check out our archive.

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Adriano Serckumecka                   OK          
Ana Fidalgo             OK                
André Oliveira                 OK            
António Casimiro       OK                      
carlos nascimento       OK                      
Diogo Gonçalves                       OK      
Eric Vial                           OK  
Fernando Alves         OK                    
Fernando Ramos           OK                  
Francisco Araújo                         OK    
Ibéria Medeiros         OK                    
João Pinto                             OK
João Sousa             OK                
Miguel Garcia           OK                  
Miguel Matos                         OK    
Miguel Moreira                     OK        
Nuno Dionísio                 OK            
Nuno Neves     OK                        
Pedro Ferreira                     OK        
Pedro Gaspar               OK              
Ricardo Mendes     OK                        
Ricardo Morgado               OK              
Dia Livre                           Livre  
Salvatore Signorello   OK                          
Tiago Correia                             OK
Tiago Oliveira   OK                          
Tulio Ribeiro                   OK          
Vinicius Cogo                       OK      
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