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The Navtalks is a series of informal talks given by Navigators members or some special guests about every two-weeks at Ciências, ULisboa.

scheduled next to be defined
Fall'17 Presentations
When & Where Speaker Title
Sep 26 @ 3.30pm
room 6.3.38
Oliver Michel
University of Colorado Boulder
Network Defragmentation in Virtualized Data Centers
Oct 12 @ 12pm
room 6.3.38
Alysson Bessani How to do Research in Navigators/LASIGE
Oct 24 @ 12pm
room 8.2.19
Eduardo Viegas
Network-based Intrusion Detection: on Protecting a Moving Target
Ricardo Fonseca Demonstration of resilient communications in the context of a smart grid
Nov 7 @ 12 pm
room 6.3.38
Max Alaluna Secure Multi-Cloud Network Virtualization
Túlio Ribeiro Heimdall: a Distributed and Fault Tolerant Update Aware SDN Controller
Nov 22 @ 12 pm
room 6.3.38
Alysson Bessani Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Ordering Service for the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Platform
Wilson Melo How Blockchains can help Legal Metrology
Dec 6 @ 12 pm
room 6.3.38
Rui Miguel Named Data Networking with Programmable Switches
Alysson Bessani GINJA: One-dollar Cloud-based Disaster Recovery for Databases
Spring'17 Presentations
Jan 24 @ 12 pm
room 6.3.38
José Rufino NORTH - Non-intrusive Observation and RunTime verification of cyber-pHysical systems
António Casimiro Membership-based Maneuver Negotiation in Safety-critical Vehicular Systems
Feb 7 @ 12 pm
room 6.3.38
Miguel Garcia BFT-controllers for Intrusion-tolerant systems
Fernando Ramos Logically centralising the Software-Defined Network
Feb 21 @ 12 pm
room 6.3.38
Rui Azevedo Secure SIEM using OSINT for avoiding threats
Free Slot -
Mar 7 @ 12 pm
room 6.3.38
Nuno Neves dry run talk SUPERCLOUD final review
Eric Vial dry run demo SUPERCLOUD final review
Mar 21 @ 12 pm
room 6.3.38
Ibéria Medeiros Detecting Web Application Vulnerabilities using Fuzzing and Symbolic Execution
Tomás Peixinho Securing the internet at the exchange point with a blockchain
Apr 4 @ 12 pm
room 6.3.38
Wilson Melo Decentralized Metrological Surveillance of Fuel Pumps
Vinicius Cogo On the Challenges of Deduplicating Human Genomic Sequencing Data
Apr 18 @ 12 pm
room 6.3.38
Fernando Alves OSINT-Based Data-Driven Cybersecurity Discovery
Aurélien Bettini Representation and generation of IoC extracted from OSINT
May 2 @ 12 pm
room 6.3.38
Paulo Antunes Monitoring Web Applications for Vulnerability Removal Under Attack
Adriano Serckumecka Putting SIEMs in the Cloud
May 23 @ 12 pm
room 6.2.38
Nuno Dionisio Improving Cyberthreat Discovery in Open Source Intelligence using Deep Learning Techniques
Pedro Ferreira Artificial Intelligence for Agricultural Production in Protected Environments
Jun 6 @ 12 pm
room 6.3.38
João Sousa A Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Ordering Service for the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Platform
Tiago Oliveira and Ricardo Mendes Vawlt - from Science to Business
Jun 20 @ 11:30 AM
room 6.3.38
Luiz Rust Cyber security for Smart Devices
Jul 4 @ 12:00 AM
room 6.3.38
Alan Oliveira System Identification Attacks, Model-based Offensives and Countermeasures in Networked Control Systems

For past years, please check out our archive.

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