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">Diverse Intrusion-tolerant Systems</span></td>
">Diverse Intrusion-tolerant Systems</span></td>
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<td style="width:100px">&nbsp;</td>
<td>08/05</td> <td>Miguel Moreira</td>
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The NavTalks is a series of informal talks given by Navigators members or some special guests about every two-weeks at Ciências, ULisboa.

Leave mouse over title's presentation to read the abstract.


Past presentations

September 2018

20 Alysson Bessani SMaRtChain: A Principled Design for a New Generation of Blockchains  
20 Rui Miguel Named Data Networking with Programmable Switches  

October 2018

4 Bruno Vavala (Research Scientist in Intel Labs) Private Data Objects  
4 Marcus Völp (Research Scientist, CritiX, SnT, Univ. of Luxembourg) Reflective Consensus  
18 Yair Amir (Professor, Johns Hopkins University) Timely, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Internet Transport Service using Structured Overlay Networks  

November 2018

13 Salvatore Signorello The Past, the Present and some Future of Interest Flooding Attacks in Named-Data Networking  
13 Tiago Oliveira Vawlt - Privacy-Centered Cloud Storage  
27 Nuno Neves Segurança de Software - Como Encontrar uma Agulha num Palheiro?  
27 Ricardo Mendes Vawlt - The Zero-knowledge End-to-end Encryption Protocol  

December 2018

11/12 António Casimiro AQUAMON: Dependable Monitoring with Wireless Sensor Networks in Water Environments  
11/12 Carlos Nascimento Review of wireless technology for AQUAMON: Lora, sigfox, nb-iot  

January 2019

15/01 Fernando Alves A comparison between vulnerability publishing in OSINT and Vulnerability Databases  
15/01 Ibéria Medeiros SEAL: SEcurity progrAmming of web appLications  
29/01 Fernando Ramos Networks that drive themselves…of the cliff  
29/01 Miguel Garcia Some tips before rushing into LaTeX (adapted from: How (and How Not) to Write a Good Systems Paper)  

February 2019

19/02 Ana Fidalgo Conditional Random Fields and Vulnerability Detection in Web Applications  
19/02 João Sousa Towards BFT-SMaRt v2: Blockchains and Flow Control  

March 2019

13/03 Fernando Ramos How to give a great -- OK, at least a good -- research talk  
13/03 Ricardo Morgado Automatically correcting PHP web applications  

March 2019

27/03 Nuno Dionísio Cyberthreat Detection from Twitter using Deep Neural Networks  
27/03 Fernando Ramos My network protocol is better than yours!  

April 2019

10/04 Adriano Serckumecka SIEMs  
10/04 Tulio Ribeiro BFT Consensus & PoW Consensus (blockchain).  

May 2019

08/05 Miguel Garcia Diverse Intrusion-tolerant Systems  
29/05 Pedro Ferreira The concept of the next navigators cybersecurity H2020 project  
29/05 Vinicius Cogo Auditable Register Emulations  

June 2019

05/06 Diogo Gonçalves Network coding switch  
05/06 Francisco Araújo Generating Software Tests To Check For Flaws and Functionalities  
26/06 Joao Pinto Implementation of a Protocol for Safe Cooperation Between Autonomous Vehicles  
26/06 Tiago Correia Design and Implementation of a Cloud-based Membership System for Vehicular Cooperation  
26/06 Robin Vassantlal Confidential BFT State Machine Replication  

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