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             <td>Tiago Oliveira</td>
             <td>Tiago Oliveira</td>
             <td>Vawlt - Privacy-Centered Cloud Storage</td>
             <td><span title="Data is the new gold, and storing it brings new challenges. Nowadays, more and more companies are moving their data centres to the cloud, especially because it is cost-effective, easily scalable and remove a lot of management efforts. However, at the same time, current cloud storage solutions have some limitations: (1) they are not totally reliable - we have seen major reports of outages; (2) they not fit to every customer’s needs - businesses have a huge data diversity​ which probably require different levels of security, availability and costs; and (3) they are not fully private - most of the cloud storage solution have access to the users files.
To respond to this, we have developed Vawlt, an innovative technology for secure and private data storage in the cloud that eliminates all the aforementioned limitations by combining a multi-cloud environment with a serverless design, while employing zero-knowledge encryption mechanism and being full customizable.
In this talk I will present our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that we have launched in the beginning of October.">Vawlt - Privacy-Centered Cloud Storage</span></td>

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The Navtalks is a series of informal talks given by Navigators members or some special guests about every two-weeks at Ciências, ULisboa.

Leave mouse over title's presentation to read the abstract.


September 2018

20 September Alysson Bessani SMaRtChain: A Principled Design for a New Generation of Blockchains  
20 September Rui Miguel Named Data Networking with Programmable Switches  

October 2018

4 October Bruno Vavala (Research Scientist in Intel Labs) Private Data Objects  
4 October Marcus Völp (Research Scientist, CritiX, SnT, Univ. of Luxembourg) Reflective Consensus  
18 October Yair Amir (Professor, Johns Hopkins University) Timely, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Internet Transport Service using Structured Overlay Networks  

November 2018

13/11 Salvatore Signorello The Past, the Present and some Future of Interest Flooding Attacks in Named-Data Networking  
13/11 Tiago Oliveira Vawlt - Privacy-Centered Cloud Storage  
27/11 Nuno Neves    
27/11 Ricardo Mendes    

December 2018

11/12 António Casimiro    
11/12Carlos Nascimento      

January 2019

15/01 Fernando Alves    
15/01 Ibéria Medeiros    
29/01 Fernando Ramos    
29/01 Miguel Garcia    

February 2019

19/02 Ana Fidalgo    
19/02 João Sousa    

March 2019

12/03 Pedro Gaspar    
12/03 Ricardo Morgado    
26/03 André Oliveira    
26/03 Nuno Dionísio    

April 2019

09/04 Adriano Serckumecka    
09/04 Tulio Ribeiro    
30/04 Miguel Moreira    
30/04 Pedro Ferreira    

May 2019

14/05 Diogo Gonçalves    
14/05 Vinicius Cogo    
28/05 Francisco Araújo    
28/05 Miguel Matos    

June 2019

11/06 Eric Vial    
11/06 Robin Vassantlal    
25/06 João Pinto    
25/06 Tiago Correia    
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