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Past member
Manuel Coutinho is no longer with the Navigators.
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Manuel Coutinho



Past projects

  • AIR (ARINC 653 Interface in RTEMS)


  • Helder Silva, A. Constantino, D. Freitas, Manuel Coutinho, S. Faustino, M. Mota, P. Colaço, José Sousa, L. Dias, B. Damjanovic, Marco Zulianello, José Rufino, “RTEMS Centre - Support and Maintenance Centre to RTEMS Operating System”, in Proceedings of the Eurospace Data Systems in Aerospace Conference (DASIA 2009). Istanbul, Turkey, May 2009., May 2009.

  • José Rufino, Sérgio Filipe, Manuel Coutinho, Sérgio Santos, James Windsor, “ARINC 653 Interface in RTEMS”, in Proceedings of the DASIA 2007 "Data Systems in Aerospace" Conference, Napoli, Italy, May/June 2007., May 2007.

  • Manuel Coutinho, José Rufino, Carlos Almeida, “VITRAL: A text mode windows manager for RTEMS”, in Actas das Terceiras Jornadas de Engenharia de Electrónica e Telecomunicações e de Computadores (JETC05), Novembro 2005., Nov. 2005.

  • Manuel Coutinho, José Rufino, Carlos Almeida, “Control of event handling timeliness in RTEMS”, in Proceedings of the 17th IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems (PDCS 2005), Phoenix, Arizona, USA, November 2005., Nov. 2005.


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