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We are the Navigators, a research team on distributed systems, their architectures, their algorithms, in their several skins: fault tolerance, real-time, security, and combinations thereof.

We also pursue the quest for the right balance between science and technology. Some people say that Informatics (a.k.a. computer science and engineering) belongs to a new breed, of what are called techno-sciences. We believe that techno-scientists should accompany theoretical mastery with a deep knowledge of their environment — computer technology — as well as astro-physicists know the sky, or marine biologists know the sea.

We study new theories to explain distributed systems, and new algorithms to take advantage from them. But we also like to do proof-of-concept experiments about the theory we work on. We try that our papers and theses tell a good story as clearly as possible. We work hard for our demonstrations to be convincing and captivating. Because we believe science is made for others.

Our greatest riches are our culture, and our researchers and students. If you believe in the former, you can become one of the latter. Welcome!

Latest publications


Wednesday, 2015-May-05, 11h30-12h00, room C6.3.38
[1] (Smalltalk) Title: On the Performance of Byzantine Fault-Tolerant MapReduce
Presenter: Pedro Costa (Phd Student)

Friday, 2015-June-05, 12h15-14h00, room C6.3.38
[2] (Navtalk)
Title: SDN-based Network Monitoring Under Attack
Presenter: Ricardo Fonseca
Title: Fault Tolerant Precision Time Protocol for Smart Grids

Presenter: Radu Odica
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