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  • (1/Oct/2018) The (FCT-funded) research project AQUAMON -- Dependable Monitoring with Wireless Sensor Networks in Water Environments -- started today. During the next 3 years we will develop a dependable monitoring platform for application in aquatic environments using wireless sensor networks.
  • (1/Oct/2018) The (FCT-funded) research project uPVN -- User-centric Programmable Virtual Networks -- started today. During the next 3 years we aim to build the next generation of virtual networks: VNets that are fully programmable.
  • (20/Sept/2018) The NavTalks seminars have started for a new year of research presentations and useful discussions.
  • (1/Aug/2018) The (FCT-funded) research project SEAL-- SEcurity progrAmming of web appLications -- started today. During the next 3 years we will design and build tools to make your web applications more secure!
  • (11/Apr/2018) Based on the final demonstration of the Supercloud project last month, here is a video about Sirius, the multi-cloud network virtualization platform.
The Quinta's rack.

Quinta is the Navigators' processor farm.

It is a computational cluster dedicated to large-scale experiments of distributed systems.

It is currently comprised of 42 physical machines, which compose a test bed with more than 300 processing cores, 1.3 TB of RAM and 33 TB of storage.






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