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|name=Eric Vial
|name=Eric Vial
|role=Hired researcher
|role=Hired researcher
|advisor=António Casimiro,  
|advisor=António Casimiro, Nuno Ferreira Neves,  

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Hired researcher



Past projects

  • SUPERCLOUD (User-Centric Management of Security and Dependability in Clouds of Clouds)
  • SEGRID (Security for smart Electricity GRIDs)


  • Eric Vial, António Casimiro, “Evaluation of Safety Rules in a Safety Kernel-Based Architecture”, in Proceedings of the Workshop on Architecting Safety in Collaborative Mobile Systems (ASCoMS), SAFECOMP 2014 Workshops, A. Bondavalli et al., Eds., ser. LNCS. Florence, Italy: Springer International Publishing, Sept. 2014, pp. 27–35.


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