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António Casimiro



Current projects

  • VEDLIoT (Very Efficient Deep Learning in IOT)
  • SATO (Self Assessment Towards Optimization of Building Energy)
  • ADMORPH (Towards Adaptively Morphing Embedded Systems)
  • AQUAMON (Dependable Monitoring with Wireless Sensor Networks in Water Environments)
  • REDBOOK (Robust hardwarE-based Defences against Buffer Overflows and Other cybersecurity attacKs)
  • IRCoC (Intelligent Resilience for Cloud-of-Clouds Services)
  • Xivt (eXcellence In Variant Testing)

Past projects

  • NORTH (Non-intrusive Observation and RunTime verification of cyber-pHysical systems)
  • KARYON (Kernel-Based ARchitecture for safetY-critical cONtrol)
  • TRONE (Trustworthy and Resilient Operations in a Network Environment)
  • MASSIF (MAnagement of Security information and events in Service Infrastructures)
  • HIDENETS (HIghly DEpendable ip-based NETworks and Services)
  • TACID (Timely ACID Transactions in DBMS)
  • DARIO (Distributed Agency for Reliable Input/Output)
  • CORTEX (CO-operating Real-time senTient objects: architecture and EXperimental evaluation)
  • DEAR-COTS (Distributed Embedded Architectures using Commercial Off-The-Shelf Components)
  • MICRA (A Model for the Development of Mission Critical Applications)

Student supervision




  • Alan Oliveira de Sá, António Casimiro, Raphael Carlos Santos Machado, Luiz Fernando Rust da Costa Carmo, “Bio-inspired System Identification Attacks in Noisy Networked Control Systems”, in Bio-inspired Information and Communication Technologies. BICT 2019., Compagnoni A., Casey W., Cai Y., Mishra B., Eds., ser. Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering. Springer, Cham, Mar. 2019, vol. 289, pp. 28–38.

  • Eric Vial, António Casimiro, “Evaluation of Safety Rules in a Safety Kernel-Based Architecture”, in Proceedings of the Workshop on Architecting Safety in Collaborative Mobile Systems (ASCoMS), SAFECOMP 2014 Workshops, A. Bondavalli et al., Eds., ser. LNCS. Florence, Italy: Springer International Publishing, Sept. 2014, pp. 27–35.

More publications

As editor


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