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TTCB for RTAI Linux

The latest available release of the TTCB for RTAI Linux is 1.11 (see release notes). Prior versions of the TTCB for RTAI/RTLinux are outdated and should not be installed. If you have an older version of the TTCB, we strongly recommend the upgrade to version 1.11.

To build the TTCB, you need the TTCB (of course :) ), RTAI and the Linux kernel. Feel free to grab them here. You must first install the linux kernel (patched with the appropriate RTAI patch), reboot your machine and then install RTAI. Please consult the file README.INSTALL in the TTCB directory.

Product date target system archive type download file size
(T)TCB version 1.11 August 2003 RTAI 24.1.10 tar gzip ttcb1.11.tgz 598KB
version 1.1
August 2003 RTAI 24.1.10 tar gzip ttcb-1.1.tgz 950KB
RTAI 24.1.10 August 2003 Linux kernel 2.4.18 tar gzip rtai-24.1.10.tgz 2,95MB
Linux kernel 2.4.18 August 2003 RedHat Linux 7.2, 7.3 tar gzip linux-2.4.18.tar.gz 28,7MB

TCB WinCE version 0.2.2

Nov 2003 WinCE 3.0 zip 423 KB
TCB WinCE version 0.2.1 Sep 2003 WinCE 3.0 zip 416 KB
TCB WinCE version 0.2 May 2003 WinCE 3.0 zip 372 KB
TCB WinCE version 0.1.1 May 2003 WinCE 3.0 zip 316 KB

TCB WinCE version 0.1

April 2003 WinCE 3.0 zip 310 KB
TCB version 0.11
patch to release 0.1
May 2002 Real-Time Linux 2.0 tar gzip patchTCB0.1.tgz 13KB
TCB version 0.1 October 2001 Real-Time Linux 2.0 tar gzip tcb0.1.tgz 190KB
RTLinux 2.0 (it is strongly recommended to install this source)   Linux Kernel 2.2.13 tar gzip rtinux-2.0-prepatched.tgz 15MB




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