JITT - Java Intrusion Tolerance Tools

This project aims to develop a set of tools and libraries for intrusion tolerance using the Java programming language. The objective here is to provide a set of fully functional, clear-designed, building blocks to be used by the research community in Byzantine fault-tolerant and intrusion-tolerant systems.

Currently avaliable tools:

JBP - Java Byzantine Paxos
An implementation of Byzantine Paxos consensus and total order multicast algorithms.
JSS - Java Secret Sharing
An implementation of a Publicly Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme.
An implementation of a Dependable Tuple Space that uses JBP and JSS for fault-tolerant replication and confidentiality, respectivelly.

Some introductory links:

Intrusion Tolerance Tutorial
This tutorial by Paulo VerĂ­ssimo, Nuno Neves, and Miguel Correia, from University of Lisbon - Portugal, gives an insight about this research field.

Another tutorial (in Portuguese)
This tutorial by Professor Miguel Correia was presented at the 5th Brazilian Symposium on Information and Systems Security.

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Updated in 12/02/2007