Distributed Systems, 2nd Edition

Sape J. Mullender (editor). Paulo VerĂ­ssimo (co-author)
Addison-Wesley - ACM-Press series, 1993.

ISBN 0-201-62427-3 Addison-Wesley

Table of Contents

1. Michael D. Schroeder
A State-of-the-Art Distributed System: Computing with BOB
2. Fred B. Schneider
Theory for Practitioners
3. William E. Weihl
Specifications of Concurrent and Distributed Systems
4. Ozalp Babaoglu + Keith Marzullo
Consistent Global States of Distributed Systems: Fundamental Concepts and Mechanisms
5. Vassos Hadzilacos + Sam Toueg
Fault-Tolerant Broadcasts and Related Problems
6. Ozalp Babaoglu + Sam Toueg
Non-Blocking Atomic Commitment
7. Fred B. Schneider
Replication Management using the State Machine Approach
8. Navin Budhiraja + Keith Marzullo + Fred B. Schneider + Sam Toueg
The Primary--Backup Approach
9. Sape J. Mullender
Interprocess Communication
10. Butler W. Lampson
Reliable Messages and Connection Establishment
11. Michael D. Schroeder
A Case Study: Automatic Reconfiguration in Autonet
12. Roger M. Needham
13. William E. Weihl
Transaction Processing Techniques
14. M. Satyanarayanan
Distributed File Systems
15. Sape J. Mullender
Kernel Support for Distributed Systems
16. Hermann Kopetz + Paulo Verissimo
Real-Time and Dependability Concepts
17. Paulo Verissimo
Real-Time Communication
18. Hermann Kopetz
19. Paulo Verissimo + Hermann Kopetz
Design of Distributed Real-Time Systems
20. Roger M. Needham
Cryptography and Secure Channels
21. Butler W. Lampson