Large Scale Distribution Support for Cooperative Applications

F. Cosquer and P. VerĂ­ssimo

Published in the Proceedings of the European Research Seminar on Advances in Distributed Systems, L'Alpe d'Huez, France, April 3-7, 1995.


Cooperative applications usually require the ability to reliably disseminate information. Providing large scale support means inevitably, tackling problems such as temporary unreachability, often leading to partition failures. This paper presents a framework targetted at experimenting application-specific partition-processing strategies. One key design issue is to combine application semantics/attributes and/with the services of modern group-based communication subsystems. We show that this approach is promising with the view to providing partition support for distributed synchronised applications.

Keywords: Cooperative work, Group-based systems, Large Scale Distributed Systems, Partition failure.

Also available as INESC AR/02-95 (gzip postscript).