Adaptive Synchronous Cooperation over Large Scale Networks

F. Cosquer, P. Antunes, N. GuimarĂ£es and P. VerĂ­ssimo

INESC Technical Report (RT/10-95)


This paper presents an approach to effective synchronous work support in the context of large scale interconnected networks such as the Internet. We show how the current technology limits influence synchronous cooperation. Distance-Adaptation is proposed to tackle problems linked with high variance in communication delays and partial unreachability between cooperating users. Low level support information and new feedback techniques are combined to improve group awareness in synchronous large scale CSCW tools and applications. We illustrate our claim using three cases of synchronous work mechanisms. The objective is to contribute to the development of more robust and adaptative cooperative applications.

Also available as INESC RT/10-95 (gzip postscript).